Thursday, September 1

Bad Mood

Hey guys,
Did I told you? No I didn't so I will do it now.
I went shopping today, because I needed Wintershoes. I went to ZARA, but the shoes were sold out. I had to carry my big schoolbag with me and now my shoulders hurts.
Then I've had 3 lessons maths today, don't misunderstand me maths is okay but 3 lessons are 3 to much!
So when I left Hanover I just got Mints and the new Grazia magazine. In the train back home I checked my mails and I got a mail from the Cambridge Satchel Company. They wrote that my bag was delivered so I was really excited, but when I had unpacked the bag I realized that it definitely is much to small so I have to return it.

And on top of it I've forgotten my promise to you. So sorry but another day witkout new pictures.


Crap, and now my necklace is broken.

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