Tuesday, September 27

To busy

Hey guys,
school started a month ago, so we're allowed to write tests now and I got to busy by learning the last time, that's the reason for less blogging the last week.
But in 2 weeks we will get autumn holiday so I will have more time and I definetly want to blog more!
Last weekend I got my new phone, a Blackberry Bold 9900. I really love it even if I don't know every funktion, yet.
I would be awesome if Blogger has an App, but It hasn't. Next weekend I maybe visite a town in the Netherlands I think it's Groningen, but I'm not sure. If you are there , too, you would recognize me, because of my big Camera, which I'll definitly take with me.
The following weeks I've got an Intership by a photographer. Guess that I'll upload some photos then.


P.S. Sorry no new photos today.

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