Thursday, October 20

Big B!

Hey guys
I went to Berlin on Monday and it was amazing! I went there with a friend named Lina :). We drove 3 hours by car until we arrived at the Kurfürstendam, a shopping mile in the center. There we visited the KaDeWe the biggest store in Berlin.
Then we wanted to drive to the Friedrichstraße, but we didn't reach it first. My dad said that we never should go to Kreuzberg. But the Friedrichstraße starts in Kreuzberg and we didn't know so we accidentally got out the subway, there. But fortunately nothing happened. I even didn't think that something would happen there in 5 minutes.
We visited many stores and mals in the Friedrichstraße, for example The Q, the Gallerie Lafayette and I ate my first frozen yogurt. And I swear that frozen yogurt is the new ice cream!
The street Unter den Linden leads to the Brandenburg Gate and I never saw that live before. We also visited the holochaust memorial and the Bundestag and we ate Currywurst :).
Of course I made photos and here they are!

more photos than I guessed :D.

xoxo Byeee :*

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