Tuesday, November 29

Favourit Time of Year

Hey guys,
do you know the Coca Cola Christmastruck Tour? On Thursday they will come to hanover and me and my little sister definitely go there. I'm going to take my Camera with me, so I'll be able to show you the photos afterwards.
Last weekend my sister had a vaulting competition. I'll show you some photos of the shadows of the actors. Some photos of the beautiful sky during my history lesson. And some photos of the upcomming Christmas feeling in my hometown. :) For Christmas you'll get a little suprise. What are your Christmas wishes?
Do you know the Christmas song Home for Christmas by Maria Mena? Listening it for the first time and seemed to be really nice.

So now.... drum-roll.....the photos:

The first photos quality is horrible. Thanks, phone at night.

xoxo Bye.

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