Thursday, November 17


Frosty the snowman nanananana...

Hey guys,
on Sunday it was the first real frost and as you might guess I have used this situation to take ​​a lot of pictures. And I gonna show you them bellow. Really like the book "One Day" by David Nicholls and I'm looking forward to watch the movie next time when I go to cinema.
I got a wunderfull winter jacket and a awesome hat with a bommel on top. The jacket is dark grey you may see it in some pictures later. And the hat is beige. The jacket is by Malboro Classics, notice that name, because I think their clothing embodies my photography style. Take a look at their Website, too.
So what's next?
In 1,5 weeks is the first advent and next Wednesday the Christmas market opens. And I'll be one of the first persons there, because of my Drama Club in hanover on every Wednesday. I love Christmas and I would really like it to celebrate it on the American art, because I love this "kitschy" Christmas tree decoration.
On next Saturday It will be time to buy the newest Instyle, but I'm out of money.
Okay guys, here are the pictures:



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