Thursday, November 10


Hey guys,

I'm sitting here with a cinnamon milk, watching the Bambi Awards. And then it occurred to me that this isthe perfect time to tell you what I've done the last time.
Last week's wednesday I went the first time to my new acting workshop in the Ballhof hanover, It was awesome so I went there yesterday again. Yesterday's story I'll tell later. On Saturday I went to Primark (the second time in my whole life) and because It opens only two weeks ago now, so It was overcrowed, but me and Jasmin had luck so we didn't wait half-hour or more for getting in there. When we left with two big bags there was a huge queue.
This photo just shows the half queue! The clothes in Primark look so awesome but the smell ? I guess I had to get used to it first! My blouse smells like aspahlt, strange or?
I saw some amazing shoes, but my money wasn't enough for all so they had to stay in shop.
Here they are: I might get them later. Hope so...
Later we saw two football players but they were running so I wasn't able to take a photo :/.
On sunday I took some photos of the autumn in my village and the trees and leaves.

Oh had to end now !
I've got a german exam tomorrow and I had to give my intership reporter to the teacher.

xoxo Byee

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