Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas part II

Hey guys,
here is the second part of my Christmas special. Hope you enjoy it!

For Christmas I gave the suprise you also get to my parents, and photobooks for my grandparents.
I got a 18-250mm Objectiv for my Canon 600D Camera by Sigma, a Watch by Casio, Makeup, a world map for marking the places I want to visit, an OPI Nailpolish, two books by Jane Austen and Emily Bronte and a Concealer. What did you get?
We ate goose with red cabbage and potatoes. What did you eat?
If I should put Photos of my presents in here, just leave a comment below.
Hope you had and have nice holidays!

I went to the Winter Zoo on Friday all those photos were made there.

Suprise, the video from my visit at the Coca-Cola Truck Tour. It isn't really serious.

Oh no! The Uploading process stoped, their was a mistake. :/

Happy holiday!

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