Thursday, January 26

I'm back

Hey guys,

first of all sorry that I post less this month, but I promise to post more again.
My SD-Card works again, so I could upload Photos again. I tested the new Picasa 3 Version, so most of the Photos are edited. Hope you will enjoy them!
Next my hard drive is still broken, but my dad tries to get it repaired. There will definitely be another post next week, I guess on Tuesday, then I'll be at my fathers at the weekend and I'll go to Hamburg with Lina on Monday. We will visit the "The Beatles Museum" their. I also wanted to upload some photos from my phone today, but I hadn't found the cable. :(

Okay here is the most interessting part of my post! The photos

Byee  Bay-beees (:D My sister adore Shake it up!)

P.S On the Blog "Do you believe in Magic?" is a Blog-presentation!

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  1. HAHA die Vögel :D
    Tolle Fotos ;) :*
    Liebe Grüße :)


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