Friday, February 3

My Camera and me, we're one, we're free!

Hey my dears,

my computer broked again, so I had to wait to use my sisters one.
Hamburg on Tuesday was amazing. We had 8 degrees below zero and it was sooo cold.
The museum was great, unfortunately I didn't take any Photos their.
After visiting the museum we went back into the center of Hamburg, where we visited the Alster, a lake, two malls and a really big Apple store with I guess hundreds of Ipads and Iphones and so on.
I was feared to take my Camera out of my bag, I myself don't know why, so all the Photos were made with my mobilephone.
 And I finally ate frozen yoghurt again, which I adore to eat with Kiwi and Strawberry-Chocolat!

And here I have some more pictures for you, without any story. They're just some photos I did when I liked the lightning!

This effect were made with a simple plastic bottle.

And this effect I did with my mums sunglasses!

There will be another post soon! Soo many other interesting Photos to show you!

xoxo Hope you enjoy your day!

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