Sunday, February 5

Winter is late.

Hey guys,

so here is the other post I promised.
The last weeks it was soo cold here. Yesterday we had 13 degrees below zero!
I had drama rehearsal yesterday and today and it was really funny. The play will be amazing and if anyone of you live near hanover it would be nice to see you there. The premiere will be on Friday the 2 of March and the second staging will be on Monday the 5. The exact time is written in the program booklet.
And I was in ginatricot and Primark yesterday, where I saw a beautiful cross-ring (ginatricot) and a AMAZING striped jeans and some beautiful creamy white Budapesters (Primark). I'll definitely buy the stuff on Wednesday.
The photos I show you now are all made in my village. My favorite photo is the one with the fire and the fog, but I also like the ones with the tree and the yellow mushroom, I guess they are really springlike! Even If it's really cold outside I adore this weather, because of its beautiful blue sky!

xoxoxo I hope you enjoyed this post! 


Thanks a lot for Comments xx