Tuesday, March 27

Vacances de Pâques

Hey guys,

I have Easter holidays, 2 weeks! Last weekend I was at my father's, at the North Sea.
The weather there was amazing!
On Friday, me and my mom went to Hollister! The shop opened a month ago and I went there the first time. 
--> Adore the surfer style and the shop assistants! 
And there I decided, that I have to go on learning surfing!

Today I was at the Maschteich, a lake behind the town hall in hanover. The theater girls and me had a picnic there and took photos of the ducks. :D 'Cause I had a earwig of the song " Welcome to Saint Tropez " we named the lake " Duck Tropez "!
Next week there will be the shooting with Lena.
Tomorrow I'll post the photos from today and today the photos from my weekend at the Sea!

Hope you like the photos !


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