Monday, April 23

BeatBoat Tour

Hey guys,

I was in Hamburg on Saturday and visited the beatles museum again, but this time I got a guidance through the museum and at key locations of the Beatles in Hamburg.
I also did a harbor boat tour!

We walked through the old "Elbtunnel", wich was builded 1907! 

 The atmosphere in the Hard Rock Cafe was cool, really liked the guitar necks at the bar and the stuff of old Stars like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Drinked a Latte Macchiatto there, wich was yummy. :)

Vattenfall stage
 The Artist of this door image also painted the imprint of the drums of the Beatles!

Normality is Glam

The guide said, that the star club was known all over the world.

No one is illegal

It was great! Even If I'm still a bit scary of taking photos in big citys.

Hopefully get her Laptop back soon!


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