Wednesday, April 11

Ostern & the last Vacation days

Hey guys,

as you know last weekend was easter in Germany.
It's tradition to visit the "Osterfeuer"on Saturday evening. It's a big fire and the hole inhabitations of a village are invited to visit. Normally you are able to buy some snacks and drinks there.
I don't really like "Osterfeuer" so Saturday was the first time I visited for 5 years!
On Sunday the children search the easter eggs, which were hidden by the easter bunny. Meanwhile the kids didn't get just Eggs, they get Chocolat or games or something else like that.
I got guides for New York and Munich and new cosmetic bags.
And my and my sister got so much Chocolat, enough for the hole summer I guess!

When I arrived this morning after a sleepover party at home my sister told me, that my grandpa bought new sheeps and they are so cute. Naturally I went outside and took some photos of the sheeps. And of course I took some other photos. :D


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