Saturday, May 12

Serenegti Park - Hodenhagen

Hey guys,

on the first may, my family and me went to Hodenhagen and visited the "Seregeti Park".
There we first did a Safari-Bustour, through the animal enclosure. Even through the lion and tiger enclosures, which was a bit scary! :D
After the bustour we walked to the amusement part of the park, where my sister and a friend of her ride roller coaster. I'm definitely not a fan of roller coaster, but I ride the water roller coaster, wich made me soo wet :D

In the morning of the first may, there is an little "band", which wake up the people with songs like "Der Mai ist gekommen". Even If I don't really like german musik, I like that, because It's kind of tradition and we have no school!

Need a toothbrush :D


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