Tuesday, May 8

Shoot in the Herrenhäuser Gärten_Hanover

Hey guys,

I'm finally finished with editing the Photos of my Shooting with Lena! Sorry fo that It takes nearly 2 months, but first I had to do a first, crude retouching and then Lena told me which photos I'm allowed to use! And then I edited them again, so that she is satisfied.

Lena wore three diffrent outfitts and somethimes her normal clothes. And I have to say, that we just had 6-12 °C, wich was sooo cold! :D


Me and Lena would be happy If you would leave a comment If you like the photos!
P.S: She adore to be a model


  1. Hey you two( I'm just adressing Lena too) :)
    Annemie, your Pictures are great. And Lena, you look really beautiful, and you don't look like it's cold there. Most of all, i like the pictures in which you wear that dress with flowers. but without the glasses. the last ones are great too. You look kind of mystic in those, which i really like.

    Lots of love, Britta. (too bad you don't come to theatre still. we miss you)

  2. beautiful pictures!



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