Sunday, June 3

N-Joy Starshow 2012

Hey guys,

I was at the Starshow yesterday evening (That's why I didn't post yesterday) And it was AMAZING *_*!

The ticket was about 27€, which was really little money for 4 singers.
The concert went from 4 pm to 11:35 pm, but we just were there, from 5 pm, because the queue was huge, so we waited.

The 4 stars are:
- Frida Gold ( didn't listen her )
- Chulcha Candela

The atmosphere was awesome, we sung along every song, so I'm somewhat suprising that my voice isn't hoarse!

Definitely will go there next year again!

Quality is bad, because I filmed with my phone and the bass irritated!

Hope I inspire you, to visite many concerts, open airs or festivals this summer! May see you there next year! ;)


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