Thursday, June 7

Spiekeroog - Island

 Hey guys,

I was at my fathers 2 weeks ago. And we went to the island Spiekeroog on Saturday.
It was really warm so we went to the beach.

There the Drama get started :D My sister thought, that she lost her Ipod, so we went back to the village, what nearly took 1 hour. We didn't found It so we went back. Luckily we found it right before we left the beach, as my sister diged in the sand below the towel.
It might have been horrible If she really lost it, 'cause she use the Ipod so often.

But even If it was a dramatic day, I took some photos for you!

Oh, I didn't remeber, that the photos were so good :D

Byee ;)


  1. these pics are not good, they are awesome!!! <3


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