Wednesday, July 4

What I got for my 16 birthday


Sorry for that I hadn't post even If I promissed, but now all my exams are done and I've got more time to care for my blog!
I became 16 on June 25! And celebrated on last Saturday and I guess, that It was quite good. :)

I know, that many people don't like hauls or "What I got" posts, but I like them so I did one aswell.

First I'll show you what I got from my family:

I got the Guess anniversary T-shirt, a Longchamp bag printed with Lampignons, 2 bracelets, a new strap for my camera, a german Vogue and Cosmopolitan and a Hollister voucher.

I also got a dresser and a Camera insert, but they aren't delivered yet.

My friends presents, wich I got on Saturday were:

So yummy

It'll definitely take me a year to eat all this chocolate!
Also my friends prepared a super cool video, on wich they collect interviews about me and my birthday, wich some people gave!

P.s. Didn't show the photos of my flowers and cards here.


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