Saturday, September 15


Hey guys,

you might know that I was in Istanbul from 3th september to 11th september. I took part there at the IELMUN, which is a political Conference. MUN means Modell United Nations and IEL means Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, which is the school where the conferece has taken place.

MUN take place all over the world for example the MUNSH (Schleswig Holstein / Germany) or even in New York.
The participants simulate the United Nations there. We all were delegates of different countries. I was the delegate of Nigeria in Security Council, there I discuss about diffrent problems in the world, like the crisis in syria or the political tensions at the Ivoire Coast.

Istanbul Erkek Lisesi


In the evenings the Orga-Team organized social events, for example a trip to taxim. 
The first evening there was a Bosporus tour as the social event and It was soo cool! Later on It became a boat disco and everyone danced. The last evening there was a dancing ball. It was really cool. The event was in the Sheraton Hotel and we ate a 5 courses menu. Really liked that!  

Bosporus Tour


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