Thursday, December 13

Winter Wonderland

                                   "Sleigh bells ring are you listening.  In the lane snow is glistening. 
            A beautiful sight oh we're happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland"

Hey guys,

I am so excited about the snow outside! It's just December and we have 10cm snow.
But unfortunatly the snow will melt away the following days. Today It seems to be the only chance to take some snowy photos.

Maybe I'm just not good enough, but the lightning seems to be more difficult when it snows, and also I didn't get the effect on, in which you can see every falling snowflake in detail. Otherwise this is a point which keeps me interested in Photographie, 'cause It shows me that there is so much to learn.

Did I told you that I've had my hair cut and that the hairdresser cut off 17cm instead of only the hair tips?
I was so angry and a frustated and I swear myself that I won't cut them for minimum 3 months to let them grow. After 2 weeks I arranged myself, but it's still annoying. I can't change it anyway. 

Are you excited for Christmas? Or do you believe in the Maya Calender and the Apocalypse? 
I am really excited about Christmas time and New Years Eve. Further I don't believe in the apocalypse, the Explorer told us so often about apocalypse and It never happens, so why this time?

Hope you to enjoy your Pre-Christmas-Time. Keep Cool (Especially down under, where It's Summer now) and make yourself warm ideas, if you get cold.


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