Sunday, January 13

And all the flowers freeze.


I really got that summerfeeling now, but there is one big problem: It's still winter and it started snowing again.
Since Thursday I had to wear my winter boots again, 'cause we get -7°C.

Yesterday I took some photos of the "snow", and even If I'm totally against snow now, the photos were pretty cool. The snow is rather coarse frost. 

If I would be Down Under now, I would die of fright, because there It's definitely to hot! Up to 50°C, I guess that's a national record! Also I don't like snakes or spiders. So there are three potetial risks, even If they've summer.
It would be great If Europe and Australia could share the wheather, so that Australia gets some lower degrees and Europe gets some higher degrees.But that's naturally impossible.
Here is a visual fresh up for the ones down under and a reminder of the beauty of the winter, for the ones who have snow, too. 


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